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Console Tables Make Sure To Check Out The Legs When Buying Yours

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By Jesse Akre

In any purchase there are a number of details to consider in the furniture item you are going to buy. This is definitely the case when it comes to console tables. When trying to decide on which ones to add to your home you are going to have to decide on the dcor style, how many drawers you want, what kind and how many shelves you want, whether you want a cabinet covering for the bottom, and many other details. But one that few people really think of is the legs that will hold the console tables up.

Without good legs, console end up being a pile of wood on the floor. So, why not put a little more consideration into this part of the furniture?

There are a few overall shapes that table legs can come in:

Straight These are just that. Straight pieces of wood from the area it attaches to the console tables, down to the ground. While they can have some accenting and designs in these consoles tables legs, the main shape is straight and equal from the top to the bottom.

Tapered From the top to the bottom these legs change their shape. Generally they start as thick pieces, attaching to the underside of the console tables and then slowly get smaller and smaller as they make their way to the floor. These too can be created with accenting and design, but they must be thicker at one end and progress to a thinner tip.

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Cabriole A little fancier of a look comes to console tables with cabriole legs. These legs don’t just do the job of going from the table to the ground. They curve out a little it to show off along the way.

Additionally, these legs can also see extra dressy accents to really make them special.

In addition to general leg styles, there are a number of kinds of more specific table legs that are meant to fit tables of exact time periods or dcor:

Turned Turned legs are those where the piece of has been put in a lathe, a machine that turns the wood at a high rate of speed, and then carved down to create the final shape. The indentations and markings in the wood are the same all the way around with turned legs

Queen Anne Console tables with Queen Anne legs have cabriole legs with a little extra flair. The ‘knee’ of the cabriole leg curves up a little more than regular cabriole legs and many historical Queen Anne furniture pieces showed a spoon foot at the bottom of the leg, which can be found in this design.

Claw foot Looking for a lot of flair in the legs on your console tables. You can have that with claw foot table legs. These legs literally have a bottom that looks like a clawed foot. Many look like a talon holding a ball or a lion foot coming out from the bottom of the console tables.

Once you know what kind of legs to get for your console tables, you are all set to make your purchase.

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Exhibit Your Persona With Suitable Contemporary Rugs

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Exhibit your Persona with Suitable Contemporary Rugs


Hemant Chourasia

It is undeniable that we all wish for our homes to be a place that we can truly relate to. No matter whether we talk about the bedroom, the living room or for that matter any other part of the house, the need to set it up as per our own personality is something most of us target. To achieve this, we use several ways to personalize our homes ranging from using our school mementos to making decorative items. As a matter of fact, many of us even forget about our financial limitations when we are out to buy home furnishing products.

Now, when it comes to home furnishing, it is safe to say that area rugs play a huge role in deciding the overall feel of our homes, and hence demand to be chosen with great care. Though you can find a wide variety of contemporary rugs in the market to let you find the ones that complement your taste and persona impeccably, making the final pick is never an easy task. Especially if you are running low on funds like most of us do when we move to a new place, the task can be all the more challenging.

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So, what are the things you need to consider when buying contemporary rugs that truly define your persons? Well, the answer is quite simple utility, styling, color scheme and last but not the least quality. To begin with, always consider the utility expected from the rugs you need to buy as different types of rugs are suitable for different purposes. The next factor to consider is the styling of the rug. As contemporary rugs are available in an extensively wide variety, it is important for you to ensure that the ones you buy complement the existing setup of your house as well as your persona.

If you are thinking about availing some financial benefits on the buy, it is recommended that you buy discount area rugs from an online store. Unlike popular misbelief that discounted rugs are poor in terms of quality, if researched thoroughly, you can find great deals on premium quality rugs such as Nourison rugs, Shaw rugs, and other industry bigwigs by shopping online. To buy suitable discount area rugs, all you need to do is use a web search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to find the leading online sellers and websites offering contemporary rugs at discounted prices.

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Restoring And Refinishing Teak Deep Seating

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Submitted by: Tonya Korniva

Teak deep seating is beautiful, but even beauty fades. If you ve let your outdoor furniture fall into disrepair, or if you ve recently acquired an old teak patio set and wish to restore it to its former glory, you don t need a lot of money. A little perseverance and elbow grease go a long way.


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The restoration of weathered teak deep seating is a process that involves cleaning and sanding wood down to its former natural shade and condition. You will need to make sure there is no solid varnish coating or sealant on the wood. A sander will work to remove any. Use a two part teak cleaner that contains a base, like a caustic soda and an acid, such as phosphoric acid. When using cleaners, take your teak deep seating outside or away from any other wood or material which might be affected or stained. The lawn will not be damaged, nor will fiberglass, but patios and decks are at risk. Also, remove the cushions and set them aside until you re finished and the wood is completely clean and dry. To begin, always use rubber gloves and goggles when handling caustic substances. While they may not overtly feel like they are burning, there is always the chance of some getting on your hands and then later rubbing your eyes. Once prepared, wet down teak deep seating with a hose. Working in small areas, first apply the basic cleaner to wood, but do not allow the cleaner to dry onto furniture. Using a bristled brush or Scotch Brite pad, scrub the wood surface. Never use steel wool, because it can produce rust spots. Still working in small areas, rinse the wood and then apply the acidic cleaner in the same way. The first cleaner should turn the wood a dark shade of brown, while the acid will lighten it. When you re finished using the acid cleaner, proceed to again thoroughly rinse the wood. Your teak deep seating should look visibly lighter and cleaner (i.e. rid of stains, sealers and residue) by this point.


Refinishing old pieces of teak deep seating is a fun project for the handyman. New teak furniture requires virtually zero maintenance because of its natural, protecting oils, but older pieces do need a little more work to make them look good again. For starters, teak that has become weathered and lost its sealant coat will turn a gray sheen, which is a result of the sun s patina effect. Many people can appreciate this mature, elegant look (which by the way, does not harm the wood) but others yet prefer the sandy blonde hue of new teak. When you begin to refinish, move furniture outside, or lay down a drop cloth to protect your floors and other furniture from becoming stained. A well-ventilated area works best because of the noxious fumes some sealants can give off. Once again, use goggles and gloves for maximum safety. You may even opt for a dust mask if you so choose. If you ve already restored or cleaned the wood, then you ve already sanded it down to a smooth surface. If you re skipping straight to the refinishing, you will need to smooth your teak deep seating with fine grained sandpaper. If you sand down enough (but be careful not to press too hard) you should reach the golden shade beneath all that gray. Next, wipe down each piece carefully with a damp cloth to remove any loose particles. You re now ready to oil. Make sure for newer furniture that you don t over-oil, as this could have counteractive effects on the wood. Using a dry, soft rag, apply small amounts of oil to the wood, working once again in small areas and using a circular motion. You should immediately notice the teak looking shinier. After each coat, let the wood dry. Typically, two coats is enough. Allow furniture to dry fully, then buff lightly to highlight the new, rich amber sheen. Depending on what kind of climate you live in, and how exposed to the elements your teak deep seating is, you should apply oil about once to twice a year (less, if furniture stays indoors year-round.)

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