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Stylish Hampers Can Be A Wonderful Addition To Your Room Decor

By Matt Franks

When you think about decorating your home, hampers is likely an afterthought. Stylish hampers can complete the look of a bathroom or bedroom and should be chosen carefully. You might just find a beautiful laundry hamper and decide to decorate a room around it.

Pretty hampers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and materials. You can purchase clothes hampers in wicker or covered in cloth. There are very durable laundry hampers made of plastic or resin that look very stylish as well. Stylish hampers can brighten up a room when strategically placed, not to mention the fact that clothes hampers help to keep an area tidy.

Bathroom laundry hampers should be of a more sturdy material that wont break down from moisture. Plastic or resin might be the best choice for these areas. Some wicker materials are coated to withstand moisture as well. Be sure the check the inside of the clothes hampers you might buy for a bathroom, too, because you are going to be putting damp towels in them, which can cause mildew if the material of the hamper soaks up the moisture. Even stylish hampers for a bathroom should be well made and ventilated to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

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Kids bedrooms can be kept tidy with stylish hampers. There are laundry hampers made for boys rooms and girls rooms. Some have colors and designs that compliment the design of the kids rooms. There are clothes hampers for girls rooms that are in the shape of a princess castle and for boys rooms shaped like a rocket ship. There are even hampers that hang below a basketball hoop to be hung on the closet door. These make tossing dirty clothes into them fun for kids.

Stylish hampers for adults bedrooms are a nice addition to the rooms dcor. Some bedding sets have matching clothes hampers that you can purchase separately. If there isnt a matching laundry hamper for your bedroom set, take a pillow cover to the store with you to search for pretty hampers that will be a good match. Try finding a solid color that matches an accent or trim color in the bedroom. This will help to bring out that color when you set the clothes hamper near it.

Some people just buy plain clothes hampers and cover them with material to match the room they will be in. This can be easily done with a padded material, or a thin padding to place under the material, and a glue gun and staple gun. Simply wrap the padding and material around the laundry hamper and glue at the top and bottom edges as well as at the seam and then use the staple gun to tack the seams down in inconspicuous places to secure them.

Laundry hampers dont have to be expensive to be pretty, although some can be a little pricey. The price you are willing to pay for a pretty clothes hamper will probably depend on how visible it will be in the room. Are you using it to accent a room or will you be hiding it in a closet. You will probably pay more for stylish hampers that will be part of the rooms dcor, but it will be worth the price.

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Off Shoring/Outsourcing: Of Course, America Benefits

Submitted by: Steve Parker

The constant carping of policy makers and others about the detrimental effect off-shoring / outsourcing will have on the national economy, seems they are hell bent on misleading the public. Little understanding about the main principles behind off-shoring / outsourcing, they continue to harp on about the trend that will help eradicate poverty and raise living standards globally. While, it is true, a number of pink slips have been handed out as low-end jobs began to be outsourced; the trend has also helped create more new jobs and helped in lower the prices of many services for consumers.

The efforts of various people including a couple of Californian Senators in a bid to scupper the off-shoring / outsourcing trend will not only discourage outsourcing, but will end up in damaging the economy. According to the unanimous consensus of high profile economists, and in the words of G. Mankiw, Chair for Council of Economic Advisors, free trade, in other words off-shoring / outsourcing is: just a new way of doing international trade and a plus for the economy in the long run.

If you look at it, there is very little difference between international trade of services and international trade in manufacturing. Both countries involved in off-shoring / outsourcing gain from the resultant free trade. Before the advent of high tech and advanced telecommunications, it was necessary for service jobs to remain at home in order to be close to customers, but since, international competition has allowed call centres and information processing firms to service customers from across the globe due to the latest in cutting edge information technology and telecommunications.

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In the same way that the cost of transporting goods was lowered, and a wide array of agricultural products and manufactured goods brought to millions of consumers with the introduction of the 19th century steam engine, 20th century information technology promises to perform the same miracle for the service industry. Shifting manufacturing to low cost countries resulted in lower costs for consumers, similarly off-shoring / outsourcing greatly benefits the American consumers by providing many more and cheaper services.

The fear that off-shoring / outsourcing is going to destroy American jobs is conceptually wrong, for every job that is lost a new one is created to replace it. By spending dollars on off-shored / outsourced services, the same dollars are either reinvested or used to purchase American goods and services. The American public does not often see new jobs created by the same dollars spent on off-shoring / outsourcing services, but they do return to US export industries as service providers purchase equipment and other goods for their business.

Off-shoring / outsourcing as a result of free trade does not alter job numbers in a country. Rather, it changes the job mix to reflect areas where we have a greater competitive advantage over other countries. Off-shoring / outsourcing services in most cases leads to job specialisation as employees having lost low-end jobs upgrade and specialise, in turn helps raising their living standard. Often, unemployed workers move on to work in other industries or re-train for better paying jobs.

A positive trend, off-shoring / outsourcing, it helps in the following ways:

1. Off-shoring / outsourcing of service jobs creates more jobs in the US export industry when service providers return the favour by buying American goods and services.

2. Off-shoring / outsourcing results in cost reduction for domestic firms.

3. Off-shoring / outsourcing means consumers get top quality and a wider array of services at lower prices.

In the long term, off-shoring / outsourcing will benefit all Americans, and the IT industry will be the biggest beneficiary of all. In the best interests of American economy, US businesses should continue to off-shore / outsource to retain a competitive edge in consumer markets.

About the Author: For more information on offshore outsourcing and offshore software development,please visit


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Retirement Is Changing Dramatically As Boomers Seek Ways To Remain Productive

By Charles Jacobs

(The perception of retirement has changed dramatically as baby boomers join the ranks of the retired. Instead of days on the fairway and at the poker table, retirees today are seeking ways to remain productive and contribute to society.)

Beltway cognoscenti rail about the future of Social Security, but the impact on the nation’s social and demographic balance will far exceed just that single factor once all of the 78 million baby boomers reach retirement age. Those changes are right around the corner, with the first wave of boomers now turning 65 and ending their life-long careers.

Seventy-six million Americans are now 50 or older. Experts predict that number will increase 27% to a record 97.1 million over the next two years. That growth is not surprising since 7,918 Americans turn 60 every day.

What may be surprising to some is the radical change in the perception of retirement, spurred by the derring-do of a population group in which the oldest members grew up during the radical changes of post-World War II America. Younger boomers survived the turbulent sixties and the War in Vietnam. Many enjoyed the Woodstock Festival and the ‘Age of Love.’ So it really shouldn’t be surprising that their perception of retirement strays far afield from that of their parents.

This is the age group that changed the concepts of marriage, divorce, patriotism and more. Boomers are approaching retirement with that same sense of independence and pioneering. Most plan to pursue interests never before possible because of the demands of child rearing and full-time work.

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George Deeb, chief executive of the travel company iexplore told an interviewer at The Wall Street Journal that ‘Boomers have been in an aggressive period of accumulating assets -homes cars, boats, and now they’re going to get into a period of accumulating experiences.’

Faced with better health and far greater life expectancy than their predecessors, boomers intend to make the most of those gifts. Just 100 years ago an average person’s life ended at 47 years of age. Today’s seniors will almost double that, and look forward to the freedom to be themselves during these bonus years.

Boomers interpret that as affording the opportunity to participate actively in volunteer efforts or devote more time to life-long hobbies. Many envision fulfilling a long-held dream in the creative arts: painting, sculpting and more widely expressed, writing a book.

While most will retire in their sixties, 75% hope to continue working by launching a new career, according to a study by Merrill Lynch. Some will continue in their own field, while others will seek more satisfying challenges or become entrepreneurs starting their own business, the study found. No matter what road they take, the majority of boomers view retirement as an opportunity to remain productive, pursuing an activity that has deep meaning to them and contributing to society.

Whenever I speak before various groups and organizations on subjects related to writing and publishing, I find that there is a burning desire to be productive on the part of older members of the audience, but of course, they attended these sessions because their interest lies in writing.

The widespread interest in writing by seniors was confirmed by the Gallup Organization that found that 81% of mature American adults longed to write a book. Following that, I learned of a poll by, a leading web site for boomers and seniors, in which the 14,000 participants said that ‘writing a book’ was their second most cherished life dream. Only ‘losing weight’ outpaced it.

Mitch Anthony, a well known author and consultant to financial planners, coined the word ‘retirementality’ for the title of one of his books. Anthony also speaks of ‘playcheck’ for retirees who now work at a job they really love. Third Age is still another new term. After migrating from Europe, it is now the name of a web site that offers information on health, relationships and a number of other senior concerns.

The proliferation of new terms like these is proof of the changing nature of retirement. We can expect to see as vibrant and active older population contributing to society in a wide variety of ways.

About the Author: “The Writer Within You – A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing in Your Retirement Years” by author Charles Jacobs can be bought at a discount by calling 800-BookLog or clicking on


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