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Ear Piercing Causes Eczema

Ear piercing Causes Eczema


Mandy Fain

Ear piercing involves putting a hole in your ear and then putting a piece of metal through it. This leads to contact with heavy metals like nickel and cobalt. It is strictly advisable to do the piercing under perfectly hygienic conditions. Even after the piercing is finished, there are some precautions that you should follow.

Atopic eczema is triggered by certain allergens in affected people. An exposure to a certain material could trigger eczema, could a metal such as nickel trigger eczema?

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Scientists have researched whether nickel can cause a trigger for atopic eczema. In an experiment on 960 young girls it is found that around 13% of those who got their ears pierced, went on to develop allergic skin reactions. Of the same sample, only 1% of those who did not get their ears pierced had eczema. Similarly, in an study on 520 young Swedish men doing compulsory military service, it is found that hypersensitivity to nickel and cobalt is higher (in 8% men) among those who got piercing. In contrast only 2.7% of those who did not get their ear pierced developed eczema. In another study on 424 Norwegian schoolchildren aged between 7-12 years, 89 children had their ears pierced and 79 developed skin allergies to metallic jewellery, which is a whopping 88% of those who had their ears pierced! These studies statistically relate ear piercing consisting of nickel and cobalt to atopic eczema, and establish the metals as allergens to a significant percentage of the population.

It is possible to protect yourself from allergic reactions, first you should start by visiting your doctor for an allergen test. If you discover that you are not allergic to nickel then it should be ok to go ahead and have your ears pierced.

Another less obvious reason for skin allergies after getting ear pierced might not actually be the metal, it could be the latex gloves that are worn by the person that pierces your ear. If you believe you are allergic to latex or rubber, then you should request that the person uses a pair of gloves made out of a different material. Since children have showed very high susceptibility towards possible nickel sensitization (88% as compared to 13% among adult men) it can be seen that children are much more sensitive, and so extreme care should be taken when considering piercing your child s ears. For people suffering from diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, heart disease or hemophilia, it is important to seek your doctor s approval before even considering piercing your ears.

Good skin health is far more important than just making a fashion statement. After all a face full of rash doesn t make a good fashion statement anyway! With a little precaution and restraint it is possible to prevent developing atopic eczema.

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Ear piercing Causes Eczema

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Cremation Urns Become More Popular Recently

Submitted by: Andrew Collier

After cremations are complete, the cremator will turn off the burners, carefully gather all the cremains and then place them into cremation urns. They are any receptacles that are specifically designed to permanently encase cremated remains.

These days, the cremation urns can be made from an assortment of different materials, such as terra-cotta, stone, rock, bronze, silver, gold and ceramic. The sizes and shapes can also differ. Some can be tall, short, round, square and with and without necks. They can be decorated in any way. Some are traditionally looking, while others stand out in unique ways, such as the mold of a football, a small computer or even nature scenes.

However, it seems the traditional look is still the most common of all cremation urns. It is the classic vase-like look that was similar to those being used by the Ancient Greeks.

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In some cases, different family members want their own separate urn with a part of the deceased person. The cremator can go along with the family’s wishes by dividing the cremains and placing them in separate smaller urns. These are called keepsakes urns. It has become a more popular trend in the recent years.

Besides these keepsake urns, there are other ways that families honor the deceased person with cremation urns. After a memorial service, they can also be buried or placed in tombs. Some cultures have their own traditional ways involving cremation urns, such as placing them on special hills or other places and some are even kept on home altars.

In the United States, cremation urns are commonly buried in graves or placed in aboveground tombs. Sometimes, the cremains are also scattered in bodies of water or the wilderness. There are some very unique ways over the many years. There is one unique way for families who want their deceased family member to be very close. The cremains can be placed carefully into jewelry and other objects such as glass sculptures.

Even though cremation has a long controversial history with most religions and people’s faith, urns have still survived many important changes in cremation itself over the years. Today, most modern religions have changed their opinions about cremation. Most have fully accepted it nowadays. It is now seen as a healthy way of disposing of a body.

The traditional cremation urns have survived over the years. The ashes can be stored there for many years if not forever. When they are buried in a cemetery, they can be visited by friends and family of the deceased. The times when the cremation urns are kept in a tomb, they can also be visited. However, when the urns are kept in a home, they can get up each day and see the urn whenever they pass it by. It can be an important part of the grieving process.

It is possible to buy cremation urns that are as unique as the deceased person’s personality. However, it seems that the classic shape and look of an urn has lasted over thousands of years. It seems to never go out of style.

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What Happens At A Bridal Trunk Show?

By Bridget Mora

For those who are new to the world of weddings, a lot of the terms can be unfamiliar. One often hears of bridal trunk shows, but a lot of brides are not actually so clear on what that means. Will the designer be there? Are the dresses on sale? What does a trunk have to do with it? These are all the answers you need about what goes on at a bridal trunk show.

First things first: there is no trunk. The phrase trunk show actually refers to a traveling collection of wedding gown samples from a specific designer. Once upon a time, they may have traveled by trunk, but these days the gowns come stuffed into giant boxes delivered via Fedex or UPS. By the time that brides arrive to see the wedding gowns, they are hanging up, just like all of the other sample gowns. It is important to realize that the bridal gowns one sees at a trunk show are samples to try on and order from, not dresses which are available to purchase on the spot (which is one thing that may set a bridal trunk show apart from other trunk shows).

Brides get really excited about the idea of meeting their favorite designers, and often wonder if they will be present at the trunk show. The answer is, not usually. At certain big city salons, it would not be unheard of for the designer of the gown collection to be present, but this is not generally the case. The trunk show travels to a different bridal salon around the country every weekend, so the designer could not realistically be there for every event. Typically, a representative from the gown company will be at the show. The nice thing is that the rep will be very familiar with all of the dresses and should also know what kind of changes can be made to customize a gown.

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So why attend a bridal trunk show? Actually, there are a number of good reasons to go to one. The gowns in the traveling collection will be the latest samples from the designer’s most recent collection, many of which may not be available to see anywhere else. Selection is another reason; no salon can stock all of the samples from an entire line, so a trunk show will give you the chance to see a lot of your favorite designer’s wedding dresses all in one place. The rep may also throw in special extras for brides who order during a trunk show, such as free pattern changes or a designer’s sketch of the dress.

Which brings us to the next question: is a trunk show a sale? Not exactly, however there are often special incentives to those who order during a trunk show. Sometimes there is a small discount on a gown ordered during the sale (usually 10%), there may be discounts on coordinating accessories like veils, or the rep may be willing to throw in things like train extensions or rush deliveries gratis. Any special offers are available only on the weekend of the event, so come prepared to buy that weekend if you find your dream gown. Clever shoppers will try to schedule an appointment for the first day of the sale, so that if they need a day to think about it, they can make an appointment to re-visit a favorite gown later that weekend.

Since the trunk show gowns will only be in the salon for a couple of days, it is critical to come prepared to make a selection. If you have a special pair of pearl chandelier earrings you intend to wear, bring them to the appointment so you can find a gown with pearl beading which complements your chandelier earrings. If you absolutely cannot make a decision without your mom present, get her there whatever it takes. Do your research so you know what styles interest you before you start trying on gowns. And bring your checkbook, because once the trunk show leaves town, you may not get a second chance to see those particular gowns again.

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Purchase Wholesale Fashion Clothing At Causeway Mall

Purchase Wholesale Fashion Clothing at Causeway Mall


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When you are interested in Hong Kong fashion and you want to buy cheap ladies wholesale clothing, you have one shopping option. You will be able to find the designs and styles that you prefer when you shop online at CausewayMall. This is a Korea fashion online store which sells fashionable women s apparel for affordable bulk prices. From pants, to dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, apparel sets, and accessories, you can find these at Causeway. You are provided with thousands of options when you want to purchase women clothes wholesale. You will greatly benefit from CausewayMall s cheap wholesale fashion clothing if you are running your own clothing shop. With the low prices that they put on their wholesale women s apparel, you will be able to save up to hundreds of dollars. This is an advantage which you will never get when you shop for clothes individually. is a wholesale online shopping mall, where you can find the latest design and style of Korea fashion wholesale clothing. This fashion wholesale group is legally and formally licensed as a fashion company operating within Hong Kong. Fashion clothing wholesale shopping at Causeway assures you of trendy and fashionable clothing styles. This online store is a cute trendy clothes wholesaler which provides wholesale Korea style fashion apparel to various countries all over the world. Causeway Mall markets its items internationally, assuring you that wherever you are located, you will be able to shop through the online store of this fashion company. Causeway Mall is aware of the fact that ladies look for apparel which has unique and trendy designs. This is the reason why it sells chic yet affordable wholesale dresses. What is more, this online fashion market is continually adding fresh styles to its collection of Korean clothing wholesale.

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When you shop for women clothes wholesale at Causeway Mall, you will be able to avail of the economic price that it places on its apparel. If you want to check out your Asian fashion wholesale options, feel free to visit the website of Causeway Mall. You will be able to get much from this Hong Kong clothing wholesaler for really cheap wholesale costs. Even if the ladies apparel wholesale prices that Causeway offers are low, the quality of its dresses and other clothing items are good. They are not supplying goods in branded-products quality, but the quality of their goods is just good compared to their low wholesale prices and trendy designs. Some of their dresses are retailing at US$45 in the department stores at Japan. This just goes to show that quality dominates over quantity.

Causeway Mall produces Japan & Korea fashion clothing. These apparel items are offered to Hong Kong fashion wholesalers from all over the world. These clothing suppliers are found mainly at countries like Canada, USA, UK, Thailand, and Singapore. CausewayMall is selling its designer clothes wholesale internationally. This is because the company believes that women from various parts of the globe should have the chance to wear affordable and trendy outfits. Other than dresses and blouses, Causeway is also a sexy tank halter tops supplier. It also provides wholesale junior clothing, chic tees, sporty apparel sets, accessories, and glamorous party dresses. You can even order cocktail gowns from this online fashion wholesaler. is a wholesale online shopping mall, where you can find the latest design and style of

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