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Have Knowledge Of Skateboard And Skate Board Culture}

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Have knowledge of skateboard and skate board culture


John Smith..

As, you’ve seen all the tricks, stunts and actions that world famous skateboarders for example Tony Hawk have pulled off over the years, and now you’re sure that you want to be a skateboarder yourself. Best wishes! Not only is skateboarding enjoyable and a great way to stay in shape (in fact it is), however, should you turn out to be good enough and capable enough; you can in fact make a nice and profitable living as a skilled street or trick skateboarder. Just visualize when you fill out an application form for a credit card, and you come to the box where it asks for your job – and you write in skilled skateboarder. That sounds very cool, doesn’t it?

Now, before you embark on your skateboarding career, there are probably a few things that you should know about skateboards and the skateboard culture itself. Even though it’s only been around for approximately sixty years (give or take a few), skateboarding has simply exploded from an underground activity into a mainstream pop-culture phenomenon. Terms such as trucks, grip tape, decks, wheels and more are now understood by people who aren’t necessarily heavily into the activity of skateboarding. For the most part, people who skateboard are a fun-loving, easy-going sort who simply love life and don’t take themselves too seriously – even though they take skateboarding very seriously.

In its plain and most primitive form, skateboarding is not more than riding or pulling off stunts on a skateboard. On the other hand, as with a lot of other things in life, there is a lot more to skateboarding than just standing on a deck and rolling along the street. Skateboarding needs a great amount of talent, strength and balance. Without having tough physical features, you won’t be able to skateboard for a great distance or for a great amount of time. In that sense, skateboarding is a lot like riding a bike – it’s all regarding practice, practice and more practice. You have to learn to twist and shift your body weight, how to stop, gather speed, and spin and more. Keep in mind; no one picks up anything on the first attempt, so it’ll take some time before you truly are able to master the skateboard. However, with a little practice and lots of patience, you’ll be able to do it!

Few more things to keep in mind with reference to skateboarding is that the world truly is your canvas. If you’re gifted, proficient and courageous enough, you and your skateboard can literally go wherever and whenever as well as do anything. From piloting active city streets to grinding down rails to the world over in between, a top skateboarder in no way looks at anything in his or her way as a obstacle. To a certain degree, they look at barriers as occasions to increase their own limits and skills. Furthermore, over a period of time, you can too! The great thing about skateboarding is that, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re young or old. If you have a enthusiasm for trying and learning as much as you can about it, then you’ll soon be able to – at the very least – try all the tricks and moves that your much loved skateboarders perform regularly.

Since skate boarding is becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, there are numbers of manufacturers that produce skateboard decks, such as Sec9 Channel 9, Plan B skateboard decks, Zoo York skateboard decks etc. You can find professional skateboard decks in which is an online skateboards and accessories supplier providing many brands of complete skateboards like BARFOOT TAKAYAMA and accessories.

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Have knowledge of skateboard and skate board culture


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Learn The Secret Restaurant Recipes And Prepare Your Own Meal

By Joanna Joyner

Are you sick and tired of waiting in a queue when it comes to dining at your favorite restaurants? Are you sick of snobbish restaurant crews and you do not with to take a very long time to book a reservation?

Do you want to know the secret to making secret restaurant recipes? If you dont know the secret, then it is about time you find out.

Most people find it very difficult to cook. Not because they dont have the skills but also because they just dont have the time or they dont have the means to acquire the best recipes to make the finest dishes.

You dont need to become a master chef when it comes to cooking delicious home cooked dishes actually.

YouTube Preview Image

Some master chefs take many years to perfect their recipes. This is good and all but for normal people like us, we do not have the luxury of waiting for a couple of years before we can taste a fine dish. The good news is, those master chefs have already spent the time building those recipes. All you need to do is leverage on their secrets if you want to create scrumptious meals and restaurant dishes.

All this changes with secret restaurant recipes. With secret restaurant recipes, you are able to tap into the minds of famous recipes used in Billion Dollar Restaurants franchises such as the Cheesecake Factory, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), The Olive Garden, PF Chang’s, Red Lobster and even the Hard Rock Caf!

There are many benefits of using the powerful secret restaurant recipes you get to save lots of time when it comes to cooking. That means that you do not need to indulge in crazy guess works. You also get the benefits of saving money when you apply the techniques in secret restaurant recipes. Just imagine all the money you can save by cooking all your favorite meals and dishes in the comfort of your own home without waiting in line, looking for a parking space and booking weeks or even months in advance to dine in your favorite restaurant.

The best part of all is that there is very little learning curve when it comes to secret restaurant recipes. You get to get started in record time and understand all the fine details when it comes to producing powerful, mouth watering secret recipes on the fly. No more enrolling in long cooking classes anymore. You can learn all these recipes very easily and take your time to experiment with all kinds of different ingredients. Even if you fail, you can always try again at low cost.

There are many courses available when it comes to secret restaurant recipes. There are methods on how to cook secret sauces, there are recipes for good old comfort foods (good old American dishes), grilling guides, kids cookbooks and much more. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to cooking that you will never want to leave the kitchen because there are so many recipes in secret restaurant recipes.

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Desert Safari On Sir Bani Yas Island An Adventure To Remember

Desert Safari on Sir Bani Yas Island – An Adventure to Remember


Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Abu Dhabi, with its crystal clear beaches and yearlong sunshine, is a top tourist destination. Which is not surprising considering the way the city blends old world mystique with the latest of modern conveniences. You can drive through the ancient desert In air conditioned comfort; have your pick of Bedouin handicraft or the latest offerings from Paris or Milan and absorb the beauty of traditional architecture nestled comfortably with futuristic buildings. The range of things to do can be dizzying at times, especially when you realise that there are about 200 islands associated with the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Sir Bani Yas Island is one of the largest natural islands under the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The island is home to Arabia’s largest wildlife reserves and spans almost half the island! The park is a testament to the efficiency of the ‘Greening of the Desert’ programme. Keeping the park covered in lush, native flora is an ongoing effort. The wildlife reserve serves as a home to many different species of birds and animals that can only be found in the Arabian peninsula.

YouTube Preview Image

A desert safari on Sir Bani Yas is an experience to remember. The island has many activities to satisfy even the most seasoned of travellers. Beat the heat by joining the dolphins in the Sir Bani Yas Bay for a memorable swim. Or you can try your hand at archery or explore the island by kayak. Take a walk along special nature trails and you might come across the very rare Arabian Oryx, which no longer exists in the wild. You can also opt for a wildlife drive aboard special 4WD. On the tour you will be able to view some amazing, natural rock formations and fascinating archaeological sites. Remember to keep an eye out for cheetahs and the various birds that are found on the island. End the day with a relaxing cruise at sunset.

There are flights to the island and you can opt for either a passenger aircraft or a sea plane which offers a more scenic flight. You can also drive down to the Sir Bani Yas jetty and hop a boat to the island. Getting around the island is easy as all travel inside the island is by luxury coaches or by chauffeur driven 4WD’s.

Abu Dhabi resorts

are among the best in the best in the world and you can find all the facilities of an

Abu Dhabi resort

on the island. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is the first hotel to open up on the island and offers luxurious accommodations with some gorgeous views of the Arabian Gulf. If you would rather be pampered you can stay at the hotel and familiarise yourself with the spa. There are a variety of treatments offered ranging from Ayurvedic ones to those that are inspired by Bedouin culture. So if it’s adventure you seek or just a place to lie down and relax, Sir Bani Yas has something to offer everyone.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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A Buttock Lift Restores A Thinner, Fitter Looking Contour

A Buttock Lift Restores a Thinner, Fitter Looking Contour


Dave Stringham

Patients who desire a thigh and buttock lift usually are seeking to reduce the size of their buttocks or lower trunk area. This plastic surgery procedure is best for individuals who are unable to reduce their size through exercise and dieting. Such factors may affect an individual’s confidence.

A thigh lift can help such individuals restore a thinner and fitter looking contour to their bodies. The buttocks are made smaller to better match the body of the patient. The plastic surgeon accomplishes this by removing excess fat and skin in the thigh and buttock areas and tightening the underlying muscle tissues. This not only helps to restore the physical appearance of the patient, but also restores self-confidence and respect to the patient.

YouTube Preview Image

A buttock lift is a very individualized procedure in which your goals should be realistically determined and discussed with your surgeon. Together you will determine what specific procedures will be performed. A thigh lift is often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as liposuction so that the hips can be shaped to match the smaller area. Once your goals have been determined you will set a date for this procedure and will be given instructions about how to prepare.

When the date for your thigh lift has arrived, you should plan on the surgery taking several hours or more depending on which procedures you are having performed. Two procedures are available, the full buttock lift or the partial thigh lift for patients who only need to reduce the thighs and buttocks. The physician will create a small incision that is placed to be as inconspicuous as possible and then will remove excess fat and skin. The muscles will then be tightened and set into place.

The thigh lift will remove fat and excess skin and can also be done in conjunction with the lower back and hips. Because the procedure affects many different areas, it is typically a lengthy procedure taking several hours and other procedures performed in conjunction with the thigh lift should generally be scheduled on a separate day.

The thigh and buttock area may experience some pain and swelling during the first few days following the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will likely advise you on other precautions to take following the surgery. Several weeks recovery time is usual and exercise will often help speed the recovery process after the initial recovery period. All procedures are performed with anesthesia to minimize any discomfort or pain.

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Guidelines To Repotting Your Paphiopedilum Orchid

Guidelines To Repotting Your Paphiopedilum Orchid


Ian Cameron

Although Paphiopedilum Orchids can be found in both terrestrial and epiphytic (tree growing) groups, for the purpose of this article on

repotting orchids

, we shall be concentrating on the indoor grown orchids from the epiphytic group.

The time to repot

The optimum frequency for repotting a Paphiopedilum Orchid is once a year when it has finished flowering and at the end of its growing season.

Also repotting should be carried out when the potting medium has started to break down or rot and showing signs of retaining excessive moisture content.

Preparing your orchid

Before repotting your orchid, ensure that the roots are free from the existing potting medium; usually this can be done by carefully shaking or disturbing the root cluster which will cause old potting medium particles to fall away. The root system can then be checked and any broken, unhealthy or dead roots removed.

If your Paphiopedilum Orchid is reasonably mature and has sufficient growth, the plant can be divided prior to repotting. For this, each separate division should have at least three healthy growths and an equal portion of the root system.

YouTube Preview Image

As with the separate subject of pruning, it is important to sterilise the cutting tool used for dividing the plant. This can be achieved by washing the cutting blade in a diluted solution of bleach or holding the blade in a flame. This will avoid the spread of any orchid related virus, particularly when the tool is used on several plants.

The correct size of pot

Like most orchids the Paphiopedilum does not grow well in an oversized pot. Choose a pot which will just accommodate the compact root system, and that has adequate drainage holes in its base.

Using a clear pot will provide light to the roots, a condition which these tree growing orchids enjoy in their natural habitat. It also means that the condition of the roots can be regularly checked.

If the orchid is being repotted because the existing medium mix requires replacing, the existing pot can be cleaned and re-used.

Potting Medium

The following constituents will form the basis for a successful potting mix; however, as a convenient alternative, there are commercial mixes available that are suitable for your Paphiopedilum Orchid.

Tree bark

provides rooting conditions similar to those in the orchid s natural habitat and forms the basis for an open textured potting medium.


being inert, does not decay and also assists in maintaining the free water drainage of the potting mix. It addition, it helps to keep the mix smelling fresh.

Sphagnum moss

possesses the dual benefit of retaining both water and nutrients but should only used as part of an orchid potting mix.

To ensure that the orchid receives both good drainage and moisture retention combined with air circulation to the roots, a potting medium comprising mostly chopped fir bark mixed with chopped charcoal and sphagnum moss is recommended.

The repotting process

First place some coarse gravel or extruded polystyrene fragments at the base of the pot to assist in free drainage.

Prior to using the potting medium, allow it to soak in water at room temperature for several hours.

After arranging a layer of potting medium at the bottom of the pot, place the orchid in the pot so that its roots are evenly spaced. Then add the remaining mix by gently pushing it between the roots using a blunt ended stick. When this has been completed the new growth of the orchid should be above the top of the potting medium mix.

Immediately after the repotting is completed water the orchid thoroughly and allow it to drain through the pot. Then do not water again for at least two weeks.

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repotting orchids

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for helpful hints and information on buying, growing and caring for orchid plants.

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